Aging weakness and Impaired Balance

Currently one in three older Americans fall, and about 30% of those falls require medical treatments.  Each year in United States. accidental falls result in more than one million emergency room visits.

People with Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathy, weakness in the legs or feet, and substantial vision loss are also at increased risk for falls.

We as physical therapists strongly feel we should raise awareness about elders' falls, identify at risk population, and promote the role of physical therapy services to preventing falls.


Still there is a lack of awareness among doctors and patients in recognizing and preventing falls, which can lead to hip fractures, head injuries and hospitalization.

People need to know that falls are preventable and there are simple tests to determine if you are at risk of falling. Often times, the doctor may not ask about falls and the patient may not mention about their falls, but it is important to discuss falls since some people can face serious life consequence after falling such as disability and loss of independence, which simply can be averted through non-invasive interventions like physical therapy or regular therapeutic exercises program to eliminate fall.


We will continue to promote awareness among our older adult patient population on how physical therapy can improve balance and minimize the risk of falling.

For many years, we have successfully integrated one-on-one balance and gait training for older adult patients when they have been identified with unsteady gait and poor balance.

We have also consistently encouraged doctors to recommend physical therapy as the first rehabilitation options for such patients.


Our one-on-one rehabilitation program includes:

Balance, Strength, Core muscle endurance, Flexibility and neuromuscular control, and Postural stability training.



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