Below you will find the steps that are taken for physical therapy services at Quad Village Physical Therapy:

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Obtain patient’s medical history. Select and administrate tests & measurements to gather data on patient’s present conditions.

Make clinical judgments based on data gathered from examination.

Identify the medical conditions that need special care based on evaluation and examination.

Therapist determines and develops the plan of care. The plan of care consists of statements that specify anticipated goals and expected outcomes. It also includes: specific interventions, timing & frequency of the treatment, and anticipated discharge plan.

Purposeful interaction of the physical therapist with the patient is considered as intervention. Utilizing various physical therapy methods and techniques to produce changes in the patient’s conditions, which are consistent with the diagnosis and prognosis. The physical therapist conducts a reexamination to determine changes in patient status and to modify or redirect intervention. The decision to reexamine may be based on new clinical findings or on lack of patient progress. The process of reexamination also may identify the need for consultation with or referral to another provider.

Patient Management

Step 1: Examination

Step 2: Evaluation

Step 3: Diagnosis

Step 4: Prognosis

Step 5: Intervention

Step 6: Outcomes

As the patient reached the termination of physical therapy services and the end of care, the physical therapist measures the global outcomes of the physical therapy services and patient achievements.

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